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Change Wanted To Fresh Produce Terminal License And Lease At Port


Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has issued an invitation to the public to comment on an application by Fresh Produce Terminal Port Leasing (Pty) Ltd to amend their break bulk operator license for the Port of Port Elizabeth

As a consequence, the company also wants to amend its existing lease agreement with TNPA.

In a notice in the Government Gazette that replaces an earlier one, TNPA explains that if the proposed amendment to the break bulk license is accepted it will have the effect of converting it to a multi-purpose license.

One consequence of this if agreed to, is that the existing lease agreement will also need to be amended.

If this is approved it will then give the company the right to handle other cargo “in addition to the perishable cargo they are currently entitled to handle”.

TNPA says that the comments from the public as well as from interested parties along with any objections to the proposal, which must be submit-ted by September 25, will be considered by it.

Thereafter, it will make a determination as to whether the application should be approved or rejected. - MetroMinutes.