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Checkers says hot cross buns alcohol-free, after they featured in viral breathalyser video

Apr 17, 2019
Checkers says hot cross buns alcohol-free, after they featured in viral breathalyser video

Hot cross buns seemed to increase breath alcohol results

Port Elizabeth - Retailing giant, Checkers, on Wednesday said that it has been inundated by consumers wanting to know the contents of its hot cross buns after a video of a Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality eating one of its hot cross buns and his breath registering a false-positive breathalyser reading for alcohol went viral.

"Consumers have been inundating the retailer with requests for its hot cross bun recipe and clarity on the breathalyser reading," the retailer said.

"They are also asking to place bulk orders and want the hot cross bun range to be extended to Checkers LiquorShops and even to be sold all year round." 

Checkers however confirmed that its sought-after hot cross buns are alcohol-free and only made with stone ground flour and the finest quality natural ingredients.



The decadent Checkers range sold in stores countrywide actually includes: 

  • Traditional hot cross buns
  • Hot cross bun rings
  • Gluten-free hot cross buns
  • Chocolate hot cross buns

"The false-positive reading in the video is most probably due to the yeast and fruit which may cause inaccurate breathalyser readings as was first reported in Australia in January 2019," Checkers said.

Relax! Eating hot cross buns and driving will not land you in jail say authorities

Authorities were forced to allay fears that a driver could be arrested for apparent 'drunk driving' after only having hot cross buns this Easter weekend.

Warren Prins, Head of Traffic and Licensing, assured South Africans that they will not face arrest when driving after eating hot cross buns, a traditional bun with raisins and sultana generously consumed during Easter Weekend in South Africa.

“A hot cross bun has raisins, sultanas and yeast that ferments when consumed. When a breathalyser test is done immediately after eating a bun, it will register a high alcohol level due to the effects of all these elements on the breath content.

“However, when a test is taken a minute later, it will again register a reading of 0.00. The video on social media only shows the first part of a test to illustrate the variables officers must be aware of when testing citizens with a breathalyser apparatus.

“The video is the first draft of a training video. It is intended to illustrate the difference between a mouth sample and a lung sample. The reading in the video, similar to a video taken in Australia previously, indicates a mouth sample and not a lung sample.

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