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Cheeky resigns from EPRU, re-election of executives, office to take place

Cheeky resigns from EPRU, re-election of executives, office to take place

Following Monday’s announcement that the Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) will be disengaged with the administrative control of SA Rugby, EPRU President, Cheeky Watson, has fluently bowed out of the union.

Rhodes University Coach, Qondakele Sompondo, having been an outspoken counter-Watson personality, told Netwerk24, that he was pleased with Watson showing himself dignity and walking off.

“I was very pleased Cheeky finally smelled the coffee and resigned. He should have done it long ago,” Sompondo said.

Due to the copious financial constraints, SA Rugby took over the administration of the besotted EPRU in April 2016 to render the foundations for the 2016 Super Rugby campaign and the fore coming Currie Cup season.

A draft passed by SA Rugby in Port Elizabeth on Saturday night, stipulated that an adoption of a new constitution, as well as an executive structure was necessary for furthermore administration of the union.

Returning now to local hands, SA Rugby confirmed that EPRU’s playing commitments were fulfilled, even if it comes at the support of the liquidator.

Mark Alexander, President of SA Rugby, addressed at the meeting that he commends EPRU for their adherence to various agendas set out by SARU.

“I’d like to commend the Eastern Province rugby community for looking forward and accepting SA Rugby’s proposals. This has been a difficult period for the union but there is now a clear way forward for rugby to restore itself to an even keel,” said Alexander.

EPRU’s re-elections are set to take place in early April with a provisional list of candidates for executives and office officials confirmed.

The list includes: former Springbok scrumhalf, Garth Wright, and former flank, Thando Manana; former Southern Spears Chief Executive, Tony McKeever; former SA Rugby President Brian van Rooyen; Despatch Rugby Club President, Willem Oliphant; Mbulelo Gidane, Mpumelelo Tshume and Andre Rademan.