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Chris Hani District Municipality improves tariff billing system

Jul 6, 2017
Chris Hani District Municipality improves tariff billing system

From 1 July, the Chris Hani District Municipality started charging interest on overdue accounts in line with its Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy.

"This will be the first time interest is charged on outstanding debt since the Chris Hani District Municipality took over the water and sanitation services function from its Local Municipalities in 2014, following queries by the Auditor General," described Cebisa Siyobi, Marketing and Events Officer in the Chris Hani District Municipality Communications Unit.

"It is however important to also note that at this stage interest will only be charged on debts incurred for the month of July 2017 and this will not affect all historical debts - meaning those incurred before this period."

Siyobi said that the Chris Hani District Municipality Council resolved to put in abeyance all arrears incurred on previous debts following numerous errors and disputes recorded until the accounts have been analysed and corrected.

"The challenges relating to the identified errors led to a decision by Council to embark on a data cleansing process that would ensure accurate billing and delivery of accounts," she described. 

"The data cleansing project will involve a complete survey of properties and will take the form of a door-to-door campaign across the district. The project is expected to commence this coming September and communities will be kept abreast of developments in this regard.

"A service provider that will be responsible for accounts printing and distribution to all households has already been appointed in an effort to ensure an improved and satisfactory service."

In addition, an-across-the-board tariff increase of 6.1% will also be effective from this month, said Siyobi.

"The Chris Hani District Municipality has not increased tariffs for the past two consecutive years.

"This decision was taken to allow customers to acclimatise to the tariff structure set in 2014. The increase is in line with inflation and guidance from National Treasury. The new tariffs have been published and copies are available in all the offices of the Chris Hani District Municipality in the various local municipal areas," she described.

"This understanding was communicated with the stakeholders. They have submitted other positive proposals for consideration on the above issue."