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City Press and Sunday Times being used by the DA: SACP Western Cape

FEBRUARY 2, 2015
City Press and Sunday Times being used by the DA: SACP Western Cape

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape on Monday said that it has noted with concern, the recent tabloid-style articles contained in some of the Sunday papers which seek to stain the image of the African National Congress (ANC).

“Both the City Press and Sunday Times are being used by DA to launch its campaign towards 2016 local government election. It is not coincidental that they have handpicked the leader of the ANC comrade Marius Fransman in order to hurt the credibility of the ANC. They are doing so as they did when they launch an attack towards national election by targeting the president of the ANC in order to attack ANC,” said Masonwabe Sokoyi, SACP Western Cape Provincial Spokesperson.

“How convenient it is that these specific print media houses populate the pages of their respective papers with line-after-line of anti-ANC and anti-Alliance rhetoric, always before elections, yet any and every attempt to highlight objective realities in the political and economic landscape of the Western Cape results in a biased ANC bashing and Democratic Alliance and Provincial Government praise-singing tabloid piece.

“Furthermore it is not surprising that these newspapers over the years have been lapdogs of the DA and they have consistently ignored the blunders and the failures of DA in the province. The tabloids published over the weekend are also indicative of desperate politicking from the Provincial leader of the DA in the Province, Ivan Meyer, who came out fast and strong in support of condemning these paper-thin, here-say arguments.”

He said that while the party “condemn and dismiss this cheap political ploy from external opponents and internal detractors”, the SACP reiterates its standpoint that certain media houses are being manipulated to ensure that the ANC is used as cannon fodder for paper sales as well as to distract communities from the massive and ongoing governance failures of the DA. 

“Perhaps these media-houses should publish a spread on the massive internal power struggles of the DA in the Province, that the Provincial top spot is being heavily contested, and that these palace rivalries in the DA are race-based and have continuously distracted DA politicians from their job of governance to the detriment of all in the province, including their much cherished constituency. Yet the publications over the weekend highlighted fallacies and here-say arguments, better suited in a gossip column,” said Sokoyi.

“The SACP in the province views yellow journalism of this nature with contempt. The SACP's view of certain journalists and print media houses serving the interests of the political and economic elite in this province is becoming more-and-more apparent.

“As the party in the province we stand side-by-side with the ANC in condemning this cheap ploy, we also wish to ensure petty-politicking desists from all quarters and not distract our Alliance from the revolutionary task of continuous, disciplined and honest activism in all of our working class communities. At every stage, the SACP in the province will identify, condemn and expel this political mischief for what it is.

“We further urge members of our Alliance to ignore this smear campaign and remain focused to the task at hand of going back to basics.”