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Civil society leaders issue call for ordinary South Africans to take up their civic duties

Apr 28, 2016
Civil society leaders issue call for ordinary South Africans to take up their civic duties

Civil society groups under the banner Rise South Africa and linked to the recent People's Consultative Assemblies in Soweto and Langa, have called on South Africans to become active citizens and influence government policies by participating in civic forums.

They have asked citizens to record their commitment on the website www.risesouthafrica.org in one of eight different areas of democratic activism and become part of a broader movement for change.

Rev Moss Nltha, Chairperson of the South African Christian Leaders' Initiative and a leader in the broader civil society process pushing for the removal of President Jacob Zuma from office, said that a succesful campaign against corruption demanded measures more radical than are forthcoming from President Zuma

"It's time for each citizen to get actively involved and ensure that together we build the South Africa we all dream of."

He said as part of civil society's response to South Africa's leadership crisis, various organisations are calling on all South Africans to stand up and take back their democracy.

“The only way power will be returned to the people is if the people themselves get actively involved in democracy as citizens.”

Where enough people make commitments in a particular city, the broader movement will endeavor to connect them with others of like mind, and organize training to support their active citizenship.

Find the words of the commitment below.

 For comment, call:

Miles Giljam 0795742926 or email [email protected]

My Commitment to our Nation:

By making your commitment to support democracy in our nation for this next year you will become one of the thousands of ordinary South Africans who will be heroes for future generations.You will help build a democratic nation of integrity where power will truly be in the hands of the people.We will help connect you with like minded activists and provide training where possible. Over the next 12 months I commit to playing my role in taking back the power in our democracy for the people:

1) I will join an NGO strengthening our democracy

2) I will join my residents association

3) I will actively get involved in a political party

4) I will engage my cities planning/budget process

5) I will hold my local counsellor accountable

6) I will join a group praying for our leaders

7) I will help with voter education for the Local Government Elections

8) I volunteer to support my local school or police station.