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Class of 2014: DA predicts Eastern Cape wont reach 70% pass rate

Jan 5, 2015
Class of 2014: DA predicts Eastern Cape wont reach 70% pass rate

Just hours before Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, announces the 2014 matric results, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape has predicted that the Eastern Cape would not achieve a 70% pass rate.

“The test for the department of the Basic Education will be the quality of the matric results, which will be announced by Minister Angie Motshekga tonight,” said DA Shadow MEC for Education,Edmund van Vuuren.

“The provincial target of a 70% pass rate for the Eastern Cape was commendable but, sadly, taking circumstances into account, this will not be achieved.”

He said that the DA believes that the Eastern Cape’s class of 2014 could have achieved a pass rate of 70% if teachers had implemented learner programmes efficiently and if the Department of Education had monitored the implementation of these programmes.

These included weekend classes, winter schools and newspaper education supplements.

“Unfortunately teachers were also not adequately trained in the new CAPS (Curriculum and Policy Statement) curriculum. Coupled with absenteeism, overcrowded classrooms and staff issues relating to redeployment, any improvement from the 2013 matric pass rate of 64,9% in the province should be welcomed,”van Vuuren said.

“We are holding thumbs together with the Class of 2014. Those learners whose results may be a disappointment must not lose heart. Go back and try again.”

His predictions come when 19 matric examination centres in the Eastern Cape have been implicated in group copying by examinations monitoring body, Umalusi, last week.

Umalusi Council Chairman, Prof John Volmink previously explained that during auditing processes at marking centres, evidence was picked up of "group copying," as it appeared that someone had dictated answers, some incorrect, to students.