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Cllr's husband accused of double murder again expected in East London court

Sep 1, 2017
Cllr's husband accused of double murder again expected in East London court

The husband of a Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality ward councillor, Mabuto Matiwane, who is accused of shooting dead two elderly women apparently after a cash-for-jobs scam went bad, is gain expected in the East London Magistrate's Court on Friday. 

He was remanded in custody on Monday when he appeared before the same court, which granted his wife a R500 bail after she was arrested last week Friday in connection with the same matter. 

It is alleged that Nokulunga facilitated a job for a woman, which pays R3 700 a month and made her to pay a bribe of R2 000 to her on a monthly basis.

However, Mabuto allegedly shot the woman and another one - Bulelwa Mpitipiti and Nomboniso Twana, when they defaulted in paying the monthly bribe on Tuesday last week along the Buffalo Pass road.

One woman, Twana, survived the shooting incident and was taken to Frere Hospital where she later succumbed to her wounds, but not before she gave police valuable information that led to the arrest of Matiwane.

On Thursday last week, as he made his first court appearance, angry Dice residents went to his home and torched the couple's house and cars.

Unfortunately, the Matiwane's disabled teenage hild was in the house, when it was torched and did not make it out.

Noone has yet been arrested for that incident.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region on Thursday last week appealed for action against the Ward Councillor.

"The SACP condemns this hilarious act of greed and criminality with the strongest contempt it deserves. The SACP is on record having raised that the ANC candidate list process of 2016 in Buffalo City was handled in a factional manner, which imposed thugs and thieves on communities at the expense of genuine leaders of the ANC," said Ludwe Mnweba, SACP Buffalo City Region Spokesperson.

"The people are subjected to being led by corrupt people and criminals who are now acting atrociously upon them. This is what politics of rent-seeking, factionalism, tender cannibalism and gate-keeping are subjecting the people to.

"It is incumbent upon the ANC to act NOW against the councillor regardless of which faction she might belong to.

"We are calling upon both the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality and the Department of Public Works to act with speed in investigating these serious allegations."

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) on Sunday said that it was saddened by the events.

According to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality spokesperson, Samkelo Ngwenya, the Speaker of Council, Councillor Alfred Mtsi together with the Executive Mayor, Councillor Xola Pakati came out strongly condemning the acts that have led to violence and loss of life.

“As the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, we pride ourselves as a hard working City that puts its people over and above everything that we do and these developments are not in line with that spirit,” said Ngwenya.

He added that the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Speaker is taking action as dully charged with the responsibility of enforcing the conduct and welfare of councillors, who are expected to perform their duties.

“In good faith or with a desire to act fairly towards others, honestly, transparently, and in the best interests of the municipality, this includes the interests of the community,” he said.

Ngwenya added that, the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Speaker has indicated that he will allow the law to take its course and in his handling the matter, he will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

“As the Municipality, we are calling upon our people in City and in particular in the area of Dice to remain calm,” he said.

He concluded that the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality will also take steps to also ensure that the delivery of services in that area is not affected as a result of these developments.