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Coding – the Skill of the Future

Nov 2, 2016
Coding – the Skill of the Future

Grade 6 St Andrew’s Prep pupil Liam McNaughton, is the first pupil at St Andrew’s Prep to complete the first part of the Coding curriculum introduced this year.  

CS-First is an on-line Coding curriculum that has 4,600 schools registered world wide – of which Prep is one.

"Using the CS-First curriculum, Coding introduces Computer Science to pupils who use the programming to tell the computer how to do all the helpful things they do for us. In this particular part of the curriculum, the boys programmed the computers to tell unique, fun and interactive stories," said Cherié Wille, Communications Officer at the school

"Prep’s Coding Club, which meets each Friday, has programmed various robots, invented a drone to help clear leaf litter out of the school gutters, and has explored a wide variety of coding possibilities.

"The different club themes aim to attract and engage students of varying backgrounds and interests and include a wide variety of options from fashion and design to music, from art to sport, game design, social media and animation."

Image: Liam McNaughton proudly displays his CS-First Certificate