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Coega earnest on job creation

Oct 31, 2014
Coega earnest on job creation

Coega Development Corporations sealed a deal with BKB on 338 jobs in critical and scares skills training.

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) yesterday held a mock signing ceremony at the Waterfall farm in Adelaide.

The ceremony paves way for a long term relationship between Boeremakelaars (Koöperatief) Beperk (BKB) and CDC on the importance of job creation. The partnership is part of a programme to train and develop emerging farmers.

“Our partnership with BKB is founded on the congruent need for job creation and skills capacitation. CDC is always on the lookout for partners who have extensive experience and are experts in their respective sectors,” said Adv. Zuko Mapoma CDC Executive Manager Corporate Services.

“Our involvement in this programme is to create jobs for those who are unemployed. The spin off on that, are the critical and scarce skills that will be transferred from the farmer to the worker,” adds Mapoma.

BKB is a market leader in sustainable small stock farming as well as production of Wool, Mohair, Livestock and Grain. The organisation has been in existence for over 74 years with extensive experience in the Agricultural sector. The organisation is part of an extensive outreach and capacity building programme with over 12 000 emerging farmer co-operatives under its wing which allows their members to benefit from technical assistance, market access and production finance.

“As an essential part of BKB it has always been our commitment to growing the mohair industry and largely the Agriculture sector. Our main emphasis has been job creation and we are excited to team up with a reputable organisation like the CDC to embark on this journey,” said Chris Louw, BKB Chairman.

“We certainly look forward to this venture and hope it will be a fruitful union in creating more jobs,” added Louw.

Photo caption: Chris Louw, BKB Chairman, and Adv. Zuko Mapoma CDC Executive Manager Corporate Services.