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Coega employee aims for the top in academic achievements

Nov 2, 2017
Coega employee aims for the top in academic achievements

The Coega Development Corporation’s (CDC), Lumka Salamntu, CDC Analyst recently received the prestige of joining the Golden Key International Honour Society in Cape Town.

The Golden Key International Honour Society is an internationally recognized, non-profit organization affiliated with over 400 universities throughout Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Bahamas and the United States.

The society’s mission is to enable members to realize their potential by connecting achievement along with service and lifelong opportunities. According to Lumka, being a part of this society means being exposed to the top achievers in the world and being able to learn how they have implemented what they learned.

To be part of this international society one has to be among the top 15% achievers of their respective degree programs. “It takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to become a top achiever and envisioning the end result is what keeps me going,” said Lumka Salamntu, CDC Analyst.

The CDC has contributed immensely to this honour as they have provided Lumka with financial support, emotionally as well as allowing her time off work to pursue her studies. “The organization by all means allows development for their employees, without CDC’s contribution in my journey, I wouldn’t have achieved half of what I did” added Lumka Salamntu, CDC Analyst.

Being a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society offers one many opportunities for scholarships and it encourages members to study abroad as well.

Lumka has a BCom in Economics & Information Systems; has obtained a post graduate diploma in Business Analysis and Systems Analysis. Recently, she obtained her Master’s degree in Information Systems. Lumka is currently working towards a PhD in Information Systems.

Adding to Lumka’s achievements she also has two published articles which were presented in Poland and Sierra in Switzerland.

Salamntu’s first published article was based on A Review of Organisational Benefits Through the use of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Public Sector Organisations. This was presented at The Third International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science in 2014.

Her second article, titled A Review of Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Growth and Maturation of ECM from the year 2001 to 2011,was published in 2015 at The Fifth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications. 

Image: RECOGNITION: Lumka Salamntu, CDC Analyst beaming with her latest achievement.