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Coega hosts 'Discover You Women's Seminar' for 2016 Women's Month

Sep 2, 2016
Coega hosts 'Discover You Women's Seminar' for 2016 Women's Month

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) marked an end to Women's Month by hosting the Discover You Women's Seminar at its Business Centre on Wednesday.

The objective of the seminar was to educate and inspire women, both young and old, who are professionals, unemployed graduates and high school learners. One of the speakers, Dr Pinky Ngcakani, a Physicist at the Mercantile Hospital in Port Elizabeth, touched on how thoughts have the power to shape ones future.

She emphasised the role of positive thinking in overcoming her circumstances. “The socio-political circumstances of my time could have easily broken me but, it made me stronger and gave me the will-power to persevere despite the circumstances.”

With the women’s seminar themed as: “Discover You” both Ms Zola Ngoma, CDC Unit Head: Performance and Talent Management and Ms Ivy Strydom, Standard Bank Senior Manager: Provincial Sales and Services (Eastern Cape) emphasised on Women In Leadership and the importance of embracing your individuality.

“I am a mom, it is my greatest joy. Female intuition, feeling so deeply, that we are able to lead with vulnerability, naturally. That’s what I love about being Woman.”

Strydom further added: There’s freedom in authenticity, it sets you apart from the ordinary. It’s a journey really, and once you embrace what makes you different-your authentic self, you’ll excel.”

While Ngoma, expanded on the topic of authenticity she also emphasised on the need to prepare women with requisite skills both at a social and professional level.

“As women, we deal with so many challenges, some abstract and others concrete. It’s important that we equip ourselves emotionally and physically for such encounters,” added Zola.

Towards the end of the seminar, the audience was given the opportunity to discuss and engage.  Taking to the floor to express their challenges and experiences, were young professionals, high school learners and university students.

“I have attended a lot of women empowerment seminars but, I have never attended one that provided the space and platform for young women to be vulnerable and openly and unashamedly discuss their challenges. This experience for me was truly refreshing and it really showed me the importance of being more action driven” said Miss Nalinda Ndlebe, Nelson Mandela University Student.

The event co-sponsored by Standard Bank, saw attendees from various walks of life including high schools - Strelitzia, Motherwell & Walmer High School, Nelson Mandela University students and both young and old working professionals.

Image: EMBRACING THE FUTURE: one of the speakers at the seminar Ms Zola Ngoma, CDC Unit Head: Performance and Talent Management embracing a grade 11 learner (Dorcas, Naudé 17) from Strelitzia High School who attended the Discover You Women's Seminar.