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Coega installs multi-million rand central fire rings in IDZ

May 28, 2015
Coega installs multi-million rand central fire rings in IDZ

The Coega Development Corporation today announced that it is in the planning stages for the installation of a third fire ring to be erected in Zone 7 of the Industrial Development Zone (IDZ).

The fire ring, a central system that feeds water to various businesses in designated zones, consists of two tanks that can each store half-a-million litres of water. These massive tanks, filled with municipal water, are fitted with booster pipes and are automatically powered by a diesel operated power plant situated between the two tanks.

“Fire protection is a crucial element of building safety. Each building has its own fire safety measurements in place, however the fire ring is an additional requirement for certain investors, depending on the goods they store and also the stacking height of the goods. Water pumped at a higher pressure and higher flow rate is faster than an ordinary sprinkler found inside a standard building,” explained Bruno Ponzo, CDC infrastructure development project manager.

The fire ring in Zone 1 – the light industry and commercial zone – has been connected to five businesses. The fire ring in the general industry cluster (Zone 3) is currently being constructed. Both these fire systems are funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) with each valued at about R23-million.

The third fire ring will be erected in the petrochemical and chemicals cluster of Zone 7.  The tender is envisaged to be issued in the next three to six months.

“The integrated system is designed to detect and eliminate a fire as soon as possible,” said Ponzo.

Persons trained on how the system operates include members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal fire department, select staff of the Coega operations and security teams.

Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, CDC head of marketing and communications said the organisation will look at rolling out the fire ring integrated system to other zones in the IDZ where necessary.