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Coega launches new Complaints Advisory Committee

Coega launches new Complaints Advisory Committee

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) announced today (Tuesday, 30 September) that it has established a tailor-made Complaints Advisory Committee (CAC) for stakeholder complaints.

The primary objective of the Complaints Advisory Committee (CAC) is to oversee the management and processes related to complaints and to assist the Complaints Management Office (CMO) with strategic guidance and professional advice. The CAC will receive reports at every meeting regarding all formal complaints received by the CDC.  

The operations of the CAC will be guided within the policies and principles of the CDC.

CDC Head of Marketing and Communications Dr Ayanda Vilakazi said Coega is operating in a rapidly changing environment and takes complaints received from external stakeholders very seriously. “They provide insights into stakeholder needs that improve the organisational performance thus building customer equity that delivers shareholder value.

“The dynamic nature of doing business in a complex environment leads to both successes and challenges,” Dr Vilakazi said.

“We are intent on maximizing the successes and mitigating the challenges. The establishment of a complaints advisory committee goes a long way in ensuring that the policies and procedures of the CDC are upheld and also that complaints are dealt with before they become major problems. This way, we keep our stakeholders happy and continue to deliver delivering outstanding services.”

The CAC has been established to offer technical advice and acts as a subsidiary to the already existing Complaints Management Office (CMO).  

The CMO officer will notify the complainants of the appropriate method of handling complaints and disputes. The CMO officer will also on an ongoing basis monitor the handling of complaints and disputes.

The CAC will mainly address complaints lodged to the CDC by external stakeholders, which include service providers, businesses, suppliers, creditors, the general public and organisations.

The committee is responsible, amongst others, for the following:

  • Assessing the overall performance of the complaints management office (CMO);
  • Coordinating all complaints management instruments within the CDC;
  • Ensuring compliance of the CMO to systems, standards, processes and protocols set up by the CDC; 
  • Assisting the CMO by offering advice in adjudicating complex matters;
  • Assisting in appointing an Arbitrator as and when required;
  • Analysing trends and quality of service offered by CMO;
  • Ensuring that robust procedures are in place for systematic handling of complaints; and
  • Acting as a sounding board on issues of both strategic and operational nature.

The CDC’s establishment of the CAC ties in with government’s Access To Information Act (ATIA) Act 2 of 2000 which positions government and the CDC to be transparent and accountable to both public private bodies. The objective of the Act, which is enforced by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), is to create a freedom of information law in South Africa. It allows access to any information held by the State, and any information held by private bodies that is required for the exercise and protection of any rights.  

The CDC adheres to good corporate governance and principles and has zero tolerance for corruption.

Those who wish to lodge complaints can do so in various ways:

1.   Coming to the CDC and lodge complaint directly with the CMO.
2.   Calling the Call Centre Number: (086) 000 4278

3. Writing a letter to the CMO

4.   Calling the CMO Mobile Number: (073) 443 5195
5.   Email: [email protected]

The CAC comprises representatives from within the CDC with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable its effective functioning. Stakeholders have been notified of the establishment of the CAC.

The CDC also has an independently managed fraud hotline where the staff, public and service providers can report fraudulent activities of its employees and service providers. To report corruption, fraud or dishonesty, please contact the CDC Toll-free on:

  • Free Fax: 0800 007 788
  • Toll-free: 0800 007 035
  • Free email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.tip-offs.com
  • Postal Address: Tip-Offs, Freepost 138, Kwazulu Natal, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320