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Coega sets record straight on 'delayed' 2017/18 Annual Report

Nov 13, 2018
Coega sets record straight on 'delayed' 2017/18 Annual Report

Responding to allegations from the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday that the Coega Development Corporation might be hiding something after apparently failing to table its 2017/18 Annual Report before the Provincial Legislature over a month ago, the CDC said the allegations were premature.

"The CDC notes the questions that have been raised, which are premature, given that it will be appearing before the Portfolio Committee on Economic Development at the Eastern Cape Provincial legislature on Thursday, the 15th of November 2018," explained Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications at the Coega Development Corporation.

"In addition, there are ongoing engagements between the CDC’s Accounting Authority, Office of the Auditor General and the Executive Authority on the matter, thus it would be prudent that we be afforded an opportunity to follow due process."

Dr Vilakazi added: "Furthermore, it is not open to the CDC to speak on behalf of the Executive Authority on such matters and prior to appearing before the portfolio committee."

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