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Coega WWTW plan will help unlock massive housing development

Dec 9, 2014
Coega WWTW plan will help unlock massive housing development

Nu-Way Housing Developments Executive Director Jordan Mann says the new waste water treatment works (WWTW) planned for the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) will provide a major boost for the Coega Ridge holistic housing estate between Motherwell and Coega.

Mann has told Property News that the sewer pipeline which will run from Coega to Motherwell “will help unlock the Coega Ridge project”.

Nu-Way received environmental authorisation in August to proceed with town planning for the project that will be sited on 3 200 hectares of land along the R335 to Addo.

Mann told the publication that it was envisaged that enough services were in place to begin town planning for the first phase of the estate, which involves about 2 500 housing units. He said the waste water would be treated and then used by industries within the IDZ.

Mann says Coega Ridge “will help substantially to dent the metro’s housing shortage, and as Coega attracts more and more top industries, employees will be able to be housed close by as our project caters for all tenure groups”.

Property News quotes housing expert Lance del Monte as saying that the development will go a long way to addressing the metro’s housing backlog.

“There is a 90 000-unit housing shortage in the metro and this is a mega-project, which will certainly go a fair way towards addressing the backlog.”

Mann says town planning for the project could take up to 18 months after which, pending approval from the provincial and local authorities, ground could be broken on Phase 1, adding that the project will unfold over a six to 10 year period at a cost of R6.5 billion.

Also included in the project is a regional shopping centre, schools, technical college and hospital. - metrominutes