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Cold fronts expected over parts of Western and Eastern Cape over next six days

Jun 2, 2017
Cold fronts expected over parts of Western and Eastern Cape over next six days

The South African Weather Service on Friday said that it is currently monitoring the development of two cold frontal systems which are projected to affect the southern parts of the country in the next six days.

"The first cold front is expected to reach Cape Town during the second half of tomorrow (Saturday, 03 June), when there will be a good chance of moderate rain over the Cape Metro and Cape Winelands areas.

"Rain is also expected to spread overnight to parts of the West Coast and Overberg Districts. The public is also made aware of the strong winds which are expected in places over the Western Cape (coast and interior) as well as the interiors of Northern and Eastern Cape Provinces on Saturday," described the South African Weather Service in a statement compiled by Ezekiel Sebego, Chief Forecaster, and Michael Barnes, Forecaster.

"The second cold front, much stronger, will reach Cape Town during late Tuesday night. At this early stage, indications are that there is a high likelihood of widespread rain over the south-western parts of the country, and also potential for heavy rains (>50mm/24hours) in some places on Wednesday.

"Although this much rain is expected, the severity of the ongoing water shortage in the Western Cape is such that there will still be almost  no relief brought by these two weather systems on their own. However, the public is made aware of the potential risk of flash flooding that could occur as a result of the expected heavy rain event."

The South African Weather Service said that strong to gale force winds and very high seas are expected along the Western Cape coast on Wednesday, and there is also a risk of storm surge.

"The effects of this second cold front will also be felt over the central parts of the country in the form of strong winds (potentially gale in places) in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will also be cold over these provinces on Thursday and Friday," it added.

"The South African Weather Service will continue to monitor further developments during this period and will issue subsequent updates as required. Furthermore, the general public are urged to regularly follow weather forecasts on television and radio."

Updated information may also be accessed on www.weathersa.co.za as well as via the SA Weather Service twitter account @SAWeatherService