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COLOR RUN 2014: Port Elizabeth are you ready?

COLOR RUN 2014: Port Elizabeth are you ready?

After hearing that the Color Run was coming to SA in 2013, I made sure to get my ticket as soon they went on sale. This year was no different and I have my ticket ready and am just waiting for the 24th of August to roll around!

With 9000 participants in last year’s run, the crowd was like a cloud of excitement and energy. Although the weather was rather dreary and cold, no one allowed it to dampen their spirits! The crowd was let through the start in groups and with the release of the first runners you could almost feel a rise in the energy as everyone was pushing to hit the road running.

Although I don’t consider myself much of a runner, the 5km seemed to go by in a breeze! With 4 colour stations strategically placed to break the route it was easy to stop and catch my breath while enjoying the scene of people jumping, rolling, dancing and generally having a good time in a cloud of colour.

By the time we reached the purple station my friends and I were ready to roll and literally took to the ground and covered our white outfits with purple dye. Wearing white is a definite must as it adds to the effect of the color. We witnessed some very creative outfits, including a group of guys, dressed in tutu’s, knee high socks and various coloured vests!

Of all the colours, pink was definitely my favorite and a word of advice, if you are blonde and don’t want rainbow colored hair, don’t ask anyone to throw the dye directly into your hair! But not to stress if you do end up with colourful hair, I can safely say that it does wash out after a couple of shampoos and its all the more fun to have a happy reminder.

It has definitely earned its right to be called the happiest 5k on the planet. If you haven’t got your ticket for this year’s event yet don’t miss out! Last tickets available at http://thecolorrun.co.za/.