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Come and Groet die Grotman in the Eastern Cape!

Come and Groet die Grotman in the Eastern Cape!

Well, men won’t mow the lawn.  Women are always cleaning.  Couldn’t he rather… why can’t she just… does he not… if she would only… WAIT!  Before this turns into a wrestling match, couples should consider attending a performance of Groet die Grotman!

Rob Becker's highly successful comedy, Defending the Caveman, in Afrikaans as Groet die Grotman,is back to tour and will visit the Eastern Cape one last time from 12 to 12 September! Koos Kombuis translated and adapted the play into Afrikaans, Sandra Prinsloo directed it, and Hannes Muller plays the role of the Grotman.

Groet die Grotman is a humoristic exploration of the differences between men and women and how those differences cause us to misunderstand each other completely. This one-man show has played in sold-out theatres across the world for the past two decades and holds the record for the solo show that has played on Broadway the longest. 

It is currently being performed in more than 20 countries, in 15 various languages, such as German, Czech and Icelandic. “It is wonderful that Defending the Caveman is also performed in Afrikaans in South Africa,” says playwright Rob Becker. “It always makes such a huge difference if one can experience theatre in one's own home language.”

How does Becker explain the production being such a giant success? “I think the show gives people a way to understand themselves and their spouses, and while they are laughing at each other, there is healing, because they are laughing with a darkened theatre filled with couples … which makes them realise that they are not alone. And believe me, when those couples walk back to the car after the show, there is already some serious … you know what … going on. And isn't that in itself worth the price of a theatre ticket?”

Koos Kombuis translated Defending the Caveman into Afrikaans and adapted it.  “It was a delight, and also good therapy! I "Afrikaansified" and also South Africanised the show, but Rob's work has such a wonderful rhythm, and is so cleverly put together, that I tried to stick as closely to the text as possible.”

Sandra Prinsloo, director, says that for her the challenge lay in making Groet die Grotman a unique theatre experience.  “We gave our own interpretation to the play, set it within the South African context, yet kept to the essence of Becker's original show.  We had lots of fun, and we believe audiences will enjoy it just as much as we did.”  Groet die Grotman recently celebrated its 900th performance, a record for Afrikaans theatre.

And says Hannes Muller: “Ek is die grotman! Ek is die jagter!  En alle mans is nie poepholle nie!  Ons sien julle by Groet die Grotman!”

(“I am the caveman!  I am the hunter! And all men are not assholes!  See you at Groet die Grotman”)


Book your tickets now at one of the following venues:

  • Vodacom Amphitheatre, Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth | 12 & 13 September 2014 (daily @ 20:00) | Computicket - 0861 915-8000
  • Potters Place, Jeffrey’s Bay | 14 September 2014 (@ 20:00) | Potters Place - (042) 293-2500
  • Barkly Street Theatre, Uitenhage | 16 September 2014 (@ 20:00) | Barkly Street Theatre - (041) 922-0575 / 081 397-0227
  • John Rupert Theatre, Graaff-Reinet | 17 September 2014 (@ 20:00) | John Rupert Theatre - 082 779-1044
  • Hemingways Casino, East London | 19 & 20 September 2014 (daily @ 20:00) | Computicket - 0861 915-8000

Visit the Grotman’s website at www.grotman.com.