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COMFY, CASUAL AND FAMILY-FRIENDLY: You must stop by The Lookout on your next visit to Plett

COMFY, CASUAL AND FAMILY-FRIENDLY: You must stop by The Lookout on your next visit to Plett

There are many adjectives to describe the Plettenberg Bay, none of which does this wonderful town justice. On a recent visit, I also discovered why everyone visiting the “Beautiful Bay” must stop by The Lookout Restaurant & Deck, nestled between The Lookout Rocks and The Look Out Nature Reserve.

It is not just the delicious food or the cool, refreshing cocktails that continually draw locals and travellers alike to The Lookout but also the relaxed atmosphere and superb view that make this such an attractive destination. Situated above Lookout Beach and surrounded by rocky outcrops, sandy beaches and the crystal-clear, blue Indian Ocean, The Lookout Restaurant and Deck is perfectly named.

During the whale season, you can sit on the sun-drenched deck and spot whales as they laze about or sail past on their journeys. In the summer months, you can escape the heat and cool down with some refreshing cocktails from their extensive menu.

I visited The Lookout with a posse consisting of my mother, her partner and my fiancé. We were in Plett for my birthday and after a day of activities, were a bit peckish.

We chose a table on the deck which provided a perfect view of the ocean beyond and the rockier section of the beach. We ordered our drinks and set about browsing their lunch menu. As I was craving seafood, the sight of a patron enjoying himself on an appetising serving of fresh fish worked like subliminal advertising.

I was drawn to The Lookout’s snack platter with its combination of tasty morsels that could whet any tongue. It consisted of samosas, spring rolls, Kingklip bites, fried calamari, onion rings, chips and battered tempura prawns. It was a substantial serving and knowing that I would not be able to finish it alone, I ended up sharing it with my mom.

Her partner had opted for their enticing Kingklip bites with chips while my fiancé chose to try their sizable 500g T-bone, matured steak with chips. Everything on the menu was very reasonably priced.

I also learnt that The Lookout offers equally scrumptious breakfasts, from omelettes to full English, as well as a dinner menu that serves a wide selection of dishes from the sea. On your visit, try their tender Calamari, their famous large Wild Coast Oysters or their renowned Pint O’ Prawns served in a mug with garlic mayo.

In addition, you can always try their pasta’s, meat and chicken options. You also do not have to be in Durban to get a good curry; The Lookout Deck’s traditional Cape Malay Mutton Curry has made a name for itself amongst locals and tourists alike.

Dessert can be a little self-indulgence in a mouth-watering homemade Cheesecake or heavenly Pavlova Jubilee - and there were plenty of salads such as their Blue Cheese Salad and a fresh Seared Tuna Salad for the health-conscious!

Orders placed, we sat back and enjoyed the warm vibe of The Lookout. Even in winter, it felt refreshing to be in such an environment. For those cold and wet coastal days, the restaurant is fitted with huge glass windows and benches, so that patrons can still enjoy views of the surroundings without being exposed to the elements.

A short time later, our generously-served meals arrived and the chit-chat died to silence - which was only broken by occasional approving hmmm’s, as we dug in. True to the excitement, my seafood selection tasted as if it had just been caught straight out of the ocean while my fiancé’s chargrilled steak was cooked to absolute perfection.

Not wanting to rush the experience, we took matters slowly and chit-chatted while watching some rugby on the television.

As said before, The Lookout is the place to enjoy the best of Cape Wines and exotic cocktails as well as soft drinks for those wanting to placate thirsty throats while touring Plett.

If you are hosting an event, The Lookout also has the flexibility to cater from two people to larger groups. They are able to customise menus to suit your budget and palates. Their set menu prices are the most reasonable. There is also a fully-equipped conference venue with a spectacular view of the ocean on the premises.

For tour groups, they also supply custom a-la-carte menus. They can also provide the driver and guide of groups of 12 or more people with a full complimentary food and refreshments. I learnt they can serve a group of 40 to 50 people with a three-course meal within 30 minutes from being seated – which means your clients relax and enjoy Plett knowing everything is taken care of.

I did find their staff and waiters to be efficient and friendly.

Whether you are in Plett for play or work, The Lookout Restaurant & Deck is highly recommended and worth your visit. For bookings or to find out more, call 044 533 1379 or visit www.lookout.co.za today.