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Commercial plating solutions: WA Plating and Microcor offer perfection in metal protection

By Matthew Collins - Mar 17, 2015
Commercial plating solutions: WA Plating and Microcor offer perfection in metal protection

WA Plating, based in Port Elizabeth, was established in 1988 and  initially did Terne Plating for fuel-filler necks. They then progressed and started plating them internally and externally with zinc plating for the motor-vehicle industry, before spreading into various other types of metal treatments.

The owner of WA Plating, Bernhard Radke, has seen the company take very impressive strides in metal protection. Having been raised and educated in Germany, where he trained in metals for five years, he immigrated to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1991 before eventually purchasing WA Plating in 1996.

In 2001, Microcor was established. Radke says; “It functions as a joint enterprise between WA Plating and Eibach Oberflachen Technic (EOT), a German-based company specialising in coating with Doerken products.”

Radke adds; “Within such a joint operation, effectiveness and efficiency in the business has been significantly enhanced through the constant input, from EOT, on various matters as well as having access to the latest technology in the corrosion-resistance field.”

Today, WA Plating does electro polishing of stainless steel, Alkaline and Acid Zinc Plating, Tin Plating, Lead Plating, De-rusting, Phosphating and much more.

“At present, WA Plating is electro polishing the roll bars for GM, something which testifies to the size and capabilities of our tanks. In terms of Alkaline and Acid Zinc Plating, WA Plating is the only plating company that electroplates the inside of fuel-filler necks, something which WA Plating effectively carries out for Toyota,” says Radke.

Microcor, which happens to be the sole licensee for Doerken products in South Africa, applies coating using Delta Tone, a thermo-reactive system consisting of zinc and aluminium laminae, Delta Seal, an organic topcoat which serves as an auxiliary coating for the Delta Tone, and Delta Seal GZ, with ‘GZ’ being a self-lubricant that makes it perfect for parts that are having to continuously move.

“What makes Microcor’s coating so advantageous is that it comprises an extremely thin layer which can withstand as many as 1500 hours of salt spray, it is free of heavy metals, there is no possibility of hydrogen embrittlement taking place and it is environmentally friendly, being chrome-VI free,” explains Radke.

Microcor also offers Powder Coating which is available in a wide variety of colours.

In conclusion Radke says; “At WA Plating and Microcor, one can find motivated personnel who are committed to professionalism, reliability and fantastic customer service. Our state-of-the-art products and services will ensure that you get the ultimate corrosion protection, protection that leads to perfection.”