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Committee calls on parents to play active role in SGB Elections

By Supplied - Mar 3, 2015
Committee calls on parents to play active role in SGB Elections

The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education has called on parents to become involved in the elections of school governing bodies (SGBs), which start on Friday and continue throughout the month of March.

“Governance of schools is one area where South Africans cannot compromise. SGBs are crucial for the smooth running of schools and the provision of education, as they ensure accountability from all stakeholders, including educators,” Committee Chairperson Ms Nomalungelo Gina said.

“The Committee urges parents to become involved in the elections and not to think of SGB elections as a futile exercise for a few individuals. A paradigm shift is necessary if South Africa is to reap the best from our schooling system,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Committee has received a briefing from Umalusi and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) on learners and teachers involved in group copying during the 2014 matric exams, the scholar transport draft policy and the forthcoming SGB elections.

“While the Committee appreciates and acknowledges the work the DBE is doing and the support it provides to schools in the lower quintiles, it is crucial that the lack of a scholar transport system does not jeopardise the good work,” Ms Gina said.

The DBE told the Committee that provincial departments of transport in five provinces performed the scholar transport function, while the provincial DBEs provide the service in the other four. The Committee heard that once the function has been transferred entirely to the Department of Transport, the DBE will still be responsible for identifying learners that need scholar transport.