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Committee to be requested to approve N2 Petroport Proposal

Jan 12, 2015
Committee to be requested to approve N2 Petroport Proposal

The Human Settlements Committee will be asked to approve a request for the rezoming of a parcel of land, approximately 25 kilometres to the west of Port Elizabeth and about nine kilometres from the Van Stadens Gorge area for the construction of a service station, tourist facilities and mixed use facilities when it meets next week.

Environmental authorisation for the project has already been issued by the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has, according to the environmental authorisation, also approved in principle the construction of the facility, including on and off-ramps to provide access

In its motivation, the applicant points out that the petroleum industry is one of the major contributors to South African GDP.

However, it adds, in recent years, increases in petrol prices have “created a huge challenge for service station retailers” in running unsustainable, profitable and viable businesses because of the impact of the price increases.

“The provision of a service station component along national roads as an integrated part of rest and service facilities created a new business opportunity for the petroleum industry.”

The applicant states that there is a need for long-distance road users to be able to make use of facilities that are directly accessible from the N2”.

“Existing facilities in Jeffrey’s Bay and Port Elizabeth are designed for the needs of urban road users and do not cater for long-distance road users.”

The applicant points out that baseline studies, extensive investigation of the N2 between Jeffrey’s Bay and Port Elizabeth and the Traffic Impact assessment concluded that this was “the most suitable site for the establishment of a Petroport facility”.

It points out that the N2 is a dual carriageway at the point of the proposed facility.

“The proposed development will obtain access by means of on and off-ramps via a diamond shape access inter-change.

The National Roads Agency, it spells out, required the provision of a bridge at the Petroport facility “to prevent dangerous U-turn movements”. - MetroMinutes.


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