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Communications Minister’s remarks out of line - ANC

Communications Minister’s remarks out of line - ANC

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has hit out at embattled Communications Minister Faith Muthambi, over comments she made during the party’s National General Council (NGC) meeting last weekend.

In a statement, ANC National Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said Muthambi contravened party policy when she openly discussed matters relating to the NGC’s resolutions on digital television mitigation, and that her branding of the sub-committee chairperson as a lair was “unfortunate”.

According to reports, the communications department and ruling party had been at loggerheads over the country’s delayed transfer from analogue to digital broadcasting.

“We want to place on record that the issues of digital migration and SABC were discussed extensively by the Commission which resulted in the decisions that were taken,” Mthembu said.

He added that a meeting, addressing the issue, would be held between the Departments of Communications and Postal and Telecommunications with the sub-committee, and that it would be convened through the NGC instead of the media.

“We want to assert that the responsibility to communicate ANC NEC conference, NGC and other decisions reside with the Secretary General of the ANC, Spokesperson of the ANC and Chairpersons of ANC NEC Subcommittees. It is unfortunate that Minister Muthambi opted again to speak on ANC decisions un-mandated,” Mthembu said.