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Comztek expands into the Eastern Cape

By Tai Chishakwe - Aug 14, 2014
Comztek expands into the Eastern Cape

Access to business and consumer technology products as well as technical support in the Eastern Cape is set to improve after leading value-added communications and technology products distributor, Comztek, officially announced its arrival in the province at an intimate event held aboard The Jester at the Port Elizabeth Harbour on 9 April.

Launched in 1995, Comztek boasts an annual revenue of more than R1 billion and is a leading distributor of high-value, high-demand, consumer and business technology products and solutions throughout South Africa and in 26 other African countries including Namibia, Zambia, Kenya and Mauritius.

Today, Comztek partners with leading vendors across five technology silos namely: collaboration, communications, consumer, services and software, for enterprise, small to medium-sized, as well as SOHO business and consumer customers.

Speaking to Business Link Magazine at the official opening event, Ian Duvenage, regional director, Cape at Comztek said that local vendors can now enjoy direct access to the full bouquet of Comztek’s products and value-added services for their local customers.

“What I am hearing from the resellers is that they now have another option to choose from locally since we are the biggest player in this sector in South Africa. In the past, they had to rely on sales being conducted through our Cape Town offices,” he said.

He explained that Comztek was also bringing better benefits to local businesses and consumers.

“Basically, our presence here means that local resellers can now go into business bids and win because of our better pricing and value offering. Actually, everybody is going to benefit as there is now more options at prices that can match any budget which means customers can now buy more with their Rands - hopefully with improved benefits for the local economy as well,” said Duvenage.

He told delegates that the Port Elizabeth team has already been establishing relationships and selling to local customers since December 2012 and as a result demand is at an all-time high.

Comztek’s Port Elizabeth team is currently made up of Rene Botha and Stephnie Douglas, both who have been actively working with local business to define their technology and communications needs.

“That’s the best thing about Comztek. When we sign up a technology brand, we also invest in technical training for our staff specifically on that brand. For example, Adobe, we have one of the best Adobe support technicians in our Johannesburg office who can quickly go wherever and advise businesses on any problem with the package,” described Duvenage.   

He said he is also looking to establish a more permanent presence in the East London area in the future but in the meantime both Douglas and Botha are providing services to clients from East London and down as far as George, adding that expanding into the Eastern Cape forms part of the company’s overall business strategy.

“We have been doing business in the province for the past 12 years from Cape Town and we do have significant business in East London as well as in Bisho, where we have worked with hospitals among other clients.

“I know the provincial market very well and with the economy starting to boom with Coega, the wind farms and other major economic developments, we decided we want to be a part of that progress,” described Duvenage.     

As part of its value-added services to clients Comztek is well known for its provision of back-up stock to customers. The role of which is to alleviate the pressure on businesses, who rely on their technology investment to drive their business, when spare parts or replacement parts are required.

It is with this that Duvenage adds that the company is in negotiations with a local business to provide it with warehousing capabilities - an announcement will follow in due course.

“This announcement is a watershed one for the region and I am looking forward to a more focussed delivery of products, solutions and customer service, that mirrors that which our customers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal and the rest of the African continent have grown accustomed to,” said Duvenage.

Comztek Port Elizabeth can be contacted on 0800 600 557 or by contacting the Port Elizabeth offices on 041 360 7068.