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“Consolidating working class unity and leadership towards socialism”

By Supplied - Dec 8, 2014
“Consolidating working class unity and leadership towards socialism”

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Skenjana Roji District (Buffalo City) convened its district council on the 07 December 2014 at SAMWU office in East London. The meeting was attended by all the SACP branches in Skenjana Roji. The meeting was convened to assess the state of the party and our organizational, ideological and political work. We used this council to also asses the socio-economic situation faced by the workers and the poor throughout the world.

The council received and considered and adopted both organizational and political reports and thus developed a program of action for the year 2015. The PEC input served as the theoretical and ideological guide to action anchored on Marxist-Leninist tools of analysis.

Provincial front:

The meeting raised its concerns on the scandals and own goals that continues to mar our governance in the Eastern Cape. The issues of “sex for jobs”, “Mandela memorial”, “bad state of local government”, etc. These challenges do not only put the standing of our ANC in the society in bad position but also contribute in stifling delivery of services to our people.

We are of the firm view that these challenges warrants a solid and formidable response from the alliance to resolve. It in this context that we are calling upon the office of the premier to take a swift and decisive action in averting these bad occurrences. If these afore mentioned challenges go unchanged and emaciated they pose a serious threat in the consolidation of the second more radical phase of our transition.

We are of the firm view that the panacea to all challenges in the state corridors is to do away with tenderization of the state and build the internal capacity of our governance.

Local front:

The district council critically analyzed the socio-economic conditions faced by the workers and the poor in the jurisdiction of Buffalo City and abroad. It is in this context that we have resolved to take greater responsibility of this political and ideological space.

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality has been experiencing highly challenging corrupt activities which have stolen millions of rands from public purse meant for delivering services to the populace of BCMM. As the party of the workers and the poor we are deeply concerned with the looming capturing of the BCMM as institution by corrupt tenderpreneurs who masquerade as genuine leaders of the African National Congress (ANC), we know the ANC for what it is and therefore easily identify what is not the ANC.

We are calling for decisive action in the Ernest & Young report which highlighted serious case of fraud, corruption and money laundering. It is unexplainable that state resources will be used for investigation and when findings are available no action is taken. We strongly believe that there should be no political protection of political thugs who milk state resources as that compromise the capacity to deliver services.

If the Nelson Mandela memorial scandal is left unattended it will not only test the good moral standing of the ANC in society but also limit our capacity in the local government elections. We maintain our resolve that all those alleged to have engaged on corrupt activities in the Nelson Mandela memorial saga to step aside and allow the organization to consider their individual cases. The Nelson Mandela memorial scandal tarnishes the good name of our international icon Cde Nelson Mandela, the good name of the ANC and that of our country; it is extremely atrocious that when Nelson Mandela passes on, leaders see an opportune to squander monies for their narrow selfish interests.

We are calling for an urgent alliance process to resolve all these corruption challenges in our institution. The ANC in our view has shown less interest in resolving the Nelson Mandela saga.

The SACP in Skenjana Roji condemns with the strongest contempt possible the fraudulent reshuffling of the BCMM Mayoral Committee. The reshuffling of Cde Nomiki Mgezi and Rufus Rwexu represent a typical capturing of the municipality by greedy tenderpreneurs presenting their selfish interests of crass materialism and conspicuous consumption of public resources as those of the people and the organization. It only serves as destabilization effect to a municipality that has now been stabilizing for a considerable period, following a long excruciating period of instability and disservice to the people. It also disconcerting that Cde Nomiki Mgezi is replaced by a person whom is yet to answer on many cases of wrong-doing when it relates to state resources.

This so-called reshuffling has been done without any alliance shared approach, it is extremely disturbing that the alliance in the region is not seen by the ANC leadership as an important platform but a by the way issue. This is an alliance of independent organs and thus deserve to be treated with respect.

We commit ourselves to work with all progressive organs in society to reject this quasi reshuffle in protection of the state resource and speedy implementation of service delivery orientated programmes. This we will do for our deep seated love of the ANC with and for the ANC.


We emerge out of our council as a stronger and more united party of the workers and the poor. We recommit ourselves to work tirelessly with the people in building blocks for socialism with a terrain of a national democratic revolution.


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