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Construction of new bus terminus kicks off

MAY 31, 2016
Construction of new bus terminus kicks off

Construction of the safe and convenient GO GEORGE terminus on the island of the horseshoe in Cradock Street is commencing this week. According to Harold Basson, Director of Civil Engineering Services at the George Municipality, passengers can look forward to a modern, user- and environment-friendly facility offering amenities such as toilets, comfortable seating, high-security ticket booths, and a high level of universal accessibility for people with special needs.

The steel construction of the new passenger service centre will start as soon as hoarding has been put in place, starting on Wednesday, 1 June 2016.

 “Solid galvanised metal walls around the construction site is the first step in ensuring the safety of our passengers and other pedestrians, which is of utmost importance to us,” says Basson. “To this end, the contractors will also try to do any work involving heavy duty machinery and huge vehicles outside of peak bus traffic times. But we also appeal to the public to be extra alert and not to take any chances when crossing streets to board buses. With the best safety measures in place, it still remains a construction site with safety risks involved.”


To move passengers and buses as far away as possible from the construction site, some bus stop changes around the island (horseshoe) had to be made.

According to James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, bus stop signage will be moved accordingly before Wednesday, and posters indicating the temporary positions of the bus stops for Routes 1A, 1B, (both Pacaltsdorp routes), 60 (Rosedale and Syferfontein) and 56 (Denneoord) will be clearly visible for all to see. As it transports quite a number of school children, the Denneoord bus is being taken out of the horseshoe completely for safety reasons, and will depart between the Rosemoor and City Loop buses in Cradock Street.


“However, passengers are encouraged, and will do themselves a favour, if they board their buses outside Cradock Street. They don’t always realise that they don’t have to flock to the central terminus area, but that it could actually be more convenient to board the bus elsewhere on its route, with shorter waiting periods and quicker boarding time,” says Robb.

The customer service agent at the GO GEORGE info kiosk in Cradock Street will be available to help passengers who are not certain where to catch their bus.


Image: Architect’s graphic representations of the planned terminus at the horseshoe in Cradock Street. The first phase of construction starts this week.