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Construction of Nuclear 1 at Thyspunt now a step closer

Sep 25, 2014
Construction of Nuclear 1 at Thyspunt now a step closer

Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Petterssen has told the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency of South Africa’s “plans to expand its nuclear power generating capacity with an additional 9 600MW”.

While the environmental impact assessment has yet to be completed and a final decision taken on the site, Nuclear 1 is expected to be constructed at Thyspunt near Oyster Bay.

Joemat-Petterssen said in reply to a recent question in the National Assembly that “thousands” of jobs would be created as a result.

In a statement following the conference, the Department of Energy said that the aim of expanding the nuclear power capacity was “to ensure energy security in South Africa and contribute to the reduction of the country’s carbon footprint”.

In addition, the goal was to create jobs, advance skills development, industrialisation and manufacturing to stimulate the economy.

The department said on the margins of the conference the Minister had met the leader of the Russian Federation delegation and an “Intergovernmental Agreement on a Strategic Partnership on Nuclear Energy” had been signed.

This agreement, it said, “initiates the preparatory phase of the procurement for the nuclear build programme”.

The department said the Minister had also had a meeting with the leader of the French delegation when cooperation between South Africa and France in areas such as skills development and the transfer of technologies had been discussed. Joemat-Petterssen is to lead a delegation to France for the signing of cooperation agreement to support the new nuclear build programme. - metrominutes


IMAGE sourced from www.thyspunt.com