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CONTINUING A LEGACY: Medical Forum Theatre aspires to lead in short-stay surgical care

By Tai Chishakwe - Jul 30, 2014
CONTINUING A LEGACY: Medical Forum Theatre aspires to lead in short-stay surgical care

With a longstanding history within the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan area, the Medical Forum Theatre has always sought to be the foremost provider of short-stay surgical care in the Eastern Cape Province.

Originally founded in the 1960’s by Dr Johan Du Toit (now retired), the centre’s legacy is continuing through making available general theatre space to other medical practitioners for day-surgery cases - besides being Nelson Mandela Bay’s first private day-clinic. 

The Medical Forum Theatre was re-launched at the Eye and Laser Institute in April 2009.

Since then, its team of medical professionals has set out to create a leading Centre of Excellence for Ophthalmology care in the province with a strong focus on day-surgery. 

“Internationally, day clinics have proven to be a more cost effective surgical option than general hospitals and as a result up to 65% of elective surgical procedures are now being performed in day facilities such as ours,” says the Forum. 

Following this trend, Medical Forum Theatre has created a calm, family-friendly and patient-centred environment which boasts three fully-equipped and spacious theatres. These cater for ophthalmology, maxilla facial, dental, ENT and other general day-surgery procedures.

“Our specialised day facility is also an approved service provider to most medical aids,” adds the Forum.

“From admission, our patients are welcomed and guided through the process, fostering an exceptional relationship with nursing staff and doctors alike.

“Our five prong value chain is focused on customer focus, professionalism, team work, communication and continuous improvement resulting in uncompromising service and high quality nursing care which ensures that patients are discharged within three to four hours, depending on the procedure.”

In addition to the ease of not having to stay for a long period of time, patients also find the experience of entering the Medical Forum’s theatre-room less daunting than at a large hospital.

“We are committed to providing professional care of our patients in a cost effective, state of the art facility. We employ passionate individuals, working in teams to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organisation,” says the Medical Forum.

The Medical Forum Theatre is located at the Nedbank building, along Govan Mbeki Avenue in North-End, Port Elizabeth.