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Contractor withdraws from project to raise Garden Route Dam spillway

Apr 3, 2018
Contractor withdraws from project to raise Garden Route Dam spillway

The raising of the Garden Route Dam spillway is a key project that has been subjected to numerous and lengthy delays over an almost 10 years period.

"With full understanding of the general public’s frustration, the George Municipality was pleased to be able to finally inform the public that the project had finally advanced to the point that the appointment of a contractor was imminent," said George Municipality Municipal Manager, Mr Trevor Botha.

"All the necessary legislative requirements have been complied with, procurement processes concluded and the funding was secured.

"The successful tenderer was notified on 13 March 2018 of a pending appointment once the statutory 14 days appeal process had been successfully concluded."

He said that a letter from the Contractor was subsequently received by George Municipality on 20 March 2018, informing the Municipality of the Contractor’s regretful withdrawal of their tender.

"As there was only one responsive tender, the municipality is now compelled to call for new tenders and the process to appoint a new contractor will take at least 3 months with envisaged construction start date of July 2018," he added.

"George Municipality shares the public’s disappointment but remains confident that the project will proceed once the process to procure a new contractor is concluded."