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Cops join wanted criminals in committing robberies

MARCH 6, 2015
Cops join wanted criminals in committing robberies

Police say they are investigating how three Johannesburg Flying Squad members joined six wanted criminals and tried to rob a Chinese national under the pretext of being crime intelligence officers. The attempted robbery happened in Langlaagte.

“It is alleged that the six fake cops and the three real cops were in the Chinese businessman's house and claimed to have found drugs,” the police said.

“They forced him to bring the cash he had in his house.”

Unbeknown to them, the Chinese national saw them jumping over the wall earlier via his CCTV security system and immediately called the police.

“Upon arrival, a quick investigation revealed that the six men were wanted suspects and there was a warrant out for their arrest,” the police said.

“Their modus operandi is to plant drugs in the suspect house and rob them off cash. They are linked to six different similar cases in Randburg, Joburg Central, Sinoville and Yeoville.

“The six men were also traveling in two unmarked vehicles without number plates. Investigations are continuing to determine the ownership of the vehicles, linked to the three flying squad officers and any other crimes.”

Police said the arrests highlight how the SAPS is very serious about rooting out the bad elements within the police force.

“These arrests tell two stories that management is resolute in its decision to vigorously investigate all crimes involving police officers, while we aren't proud that we are arresting our own it sends a strong message to other police officers that management has drawn a line with regards to police criminality, whoever crosses that should expect no mercy.”