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Corruption and service delivery a major concern in Raymond Mhlaba: DA

Nov 29, 2017
Corruption and service delivery a major concern in Raymond Mhlaba: DA

The Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality has failed, for the past six weeks, to have refuse collected, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape, said on Wednesday.

"The main streets, village and townships are regularly littered with plastic bags, bottles and cardboard boxes awaiting collection," described Cecilia Auld - a DA Rayomnd Mhlaba Municipality PR Councillor.

"Poor service delivery has become the norm since the amalgamation of Nkonkobe and Nxuba Municipalities into Raymond Mhlaba Municipality.

"Community allegations of corruption against the Municipality include the illegal awarding of tenders; the giving of jobs to ‘pals’, family members and African National Congress (ANC) volunteers by both management and the local councillors; the refusal of the local ward councillor to engage with the all members of the community; the parachuting of pre-selected people into top positions without following due process; as well as a lack of housing."

Auld said that local communities are fed up with the dismal performance of this municipality over the past year, proving once again that amalgamating dysfunctional municipalities does not work.

"We urge the Municipal Manager, Unathi Malinzi, and Mayor Bandile Ketelo to engage with the community and come up with an action plan in order to minimise protest actions and allow for the reopening of municipal offices that were closed by the community during the latest protest action last week," she added.