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“Corruption has gotten dramatically worse” - DA

“Corruption has gotten dramatically worse” - DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has described South Africa’s ranking as the 67th most corrupted country in the world, as a “clear indication of failure by the ANC to stop corruption at government level”.

“Clearly, the multiple scandals engulfing President Zuma and his administration, has affected South Africa’s perception in the world. We are now perceived to be a generally corrupt country in the eyes of the world,” DA Shadow Minister in the Precedency, Sejamothopo Motau wrote on the party’s website, after the release of the findings by Transparency International yesterday.

“The Nkandla scandal, Guptagate, the Spy Satellite saga, the Arms Deal and the Spy Tapes Saga are all examples of high-profile and embarrassing instances of corruption that has tarnished our international reputation as a good investment destination.”

Motau said the loss of R30-billion due to fraud and corruption each year, has had a similar negative effect on South Africans who “have to live with fewer schools, fewer hospitals, power outages and a stagnating economy because government loses too much money to corruption every year”.

He also added that Zuma, coming clean about the various scandals, rates as the only solution to regain his credibility, adding the signing of the Public Administration Management Bill, tabled in May last year, should also be approved.

“This bill prevents state officials from doing business with government. While Jacob Zuma has been sitting on this bill for more than a year and a half, corruption has gotten dramatically worse. This is not the South Africa that Nelson Mandela envisioned 20 years after democracy”.


IMAGE sourced from ddiafrica.com