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Corruption increasing in South Africa: Corruption Watch

FEBRUARY 19, 2015
Corruption increasing in South Africa: Corruption Watch

Corruption Watch says corruption in South Africa is on the increase. The organisation released its annual report for last year on Thursday and said that it received 17% more tip-offs last year than in 2013. 

That is about 2,714 reports of corruption during the year, or an average of seven a day.

Corruption Watch said that many of the country's leaders act with impunity although South Africa has an impressive range of laws and institutions to combat corruption. 

Gauteng accounted for most reports — as in previous years — with 44% last year, up from 38% in 2013. This was followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 16% and the Free State at 10%.

The sectors appearing most often in reports were schools (20%); traffic and licensing (12%); and immigration (5%). A quarter of complaints about corruption in housing came from Gauteng.

“We're getting a very large volume of reports about corruption in the management of school resources and the amounts of money involved are not really great, necessarily by the greater scheme of things, but the human interest element is very strong,” Corruption Watch Executive Director, David Lewis, told the SABC.

“It’s like money for a sports team that teachers use to go on a team building exercise to Mozambique. It is the difference of whether a school has a new classroom or not, whether the toilets get fixed or not.”