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Country Bumpkin is a great family restaurant

By Tracey Wiltshire - Aug 11, 2016
Country Bumpkin is a great family restaurant

Guests often want something more than just good food and great service and at Country Bumpkin you’ll find just that in the open spaces, great garden and facilities for kids to play while mom and dad can enjoy their meal.

Country Bumpkin in Beacon Bay, East London, is situated in an old farm house at the Floradale Nursery, where seating placements are arranged both indoors and outdoors.  Indoors the diners can sit amongst artsy décor in a cosy environment while outside there are tables on the veranda and on the grassy lawn. The outdoor area has plenty of shade trees and umbrellas.

I particularly enjoy this restaurant as it is very child-friendly. The outdoor set-up has a prominent track circling the garden where kids are able to use and play with their bicycles, scooters or push-bikes. There is also a jungle-gym, swings and a large trampoline to give the kids added entertainment.

With these facilities on offer, the restaurant also makes a great venue for hosting children’s birthday parties with food and treat specials on offer, as well as various party accessories. 

The service is relaxed and friendly and the staffs are always willing to accommodate your specific needs.

The food is very tasty and reminds me of home cooked food with real flavour.  The Country Bumpkin is known for their pizzas, cooked on the porch in a beautiful mosaicked pizza oven.

The restaurant is licensed, has an espresso coffee machine and serves both vegetarian and banting meals. They also have a la carte menu, kids menu and a delicious carvery on a Sunday. On average, a meal for two with beverages costs R250.

The Country Bumpkin is everyone’s favourite restaurant; Mom can relax – sit down and have some coffee while the kids play in a spacious secure garden breathing in the lovely fresh air. Dad is happy because mom is happy and the wide range of local and imported craft beer helps too.

For me the Country Bumpkin is always a win – I love seeing the owner and managers who are always present and it is obvious that they take pride in the Country Bumpkin. They are so involved in everything from servicing tables to helping out in the kitchen and this adds a personal touch that keeps their patrons coming back.

The Country Bumpkin is also the ideal place for ceremonies, events and wedding receptions, as they are able to develop tailor-made functions to suit your style, theme and budget. Additionally, the venue is wheelchair-friendly with ample parking space.

For more information contact Caitlin Mostert 043 748 4840; or email: [email protected].  To find out their opening times visit them on Facebook.

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