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COUNTRY-STYLE SUNDAY LUNCH: A hearty, home-cooked family meal at The Old Cash Store

COUNTRY-STYLE SUNDAY LUNCH: A hearty, home-cooked family meal at The Old Cash Store

My younger brother had spent the weekend with us so that I could assist him prepare for his upcoming mid-year exams. After studying hard the Saturday, we decided to take a break and re-energise on the following Sunday.

Winter, funny enough, has some of the best weather – warm, windless days that make weekend family outings along Sardinia Bay enjoyable. So we booked Sunday Lunch Buffet at The Old Cash Store.

On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the wonderful owners, Mandy and Mark. Mandy promptly showed us to the buffet table before ushering us to our table.

I found their buffet choices superb. Starters for that Sunday included a Green Vegetable soup (broccoli and parmesan), which was served with homemade rooster brood, as well as a homemade sweet-potato bread which could be eaten with butter, apricot jam and a homemade sundried tomato and jalapeno spread.

While the boys had sweet-potato option (which was apparently wonderful), I chose the Green Vegetable soup with a rooster brood – it was so pleasant that I could have had it for hours!

After a few minutes’ relaxation, we moved onto the main meal. I cannot remember when last I feasted my eyes on such an appetizing variety of food. We started from the roasted section, where I found roast potatoes, butternut and sweet potato. I also found broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn and pumpkin from their steamed-veggie choices.

Although my plate looked full, I immediately went for their free-range roast-chicken in the meat section - and took a spoonful of chicken curry. There were still so many more options from this section including, beef-tongue, venison pie, Greek lamb (which I accidentally overlooked) and pork sausages.

We made our way back to our table with our plates piled high and tucked in. The food was absolutely tasty and filling - just what a mom would serve from her kitchen.

About 30 minutes later and with no more space left, we made our way to the dessert table. We all chose malva pudding, ice-cream, chocolate sauce and a lemon pudding. The other options were apple pie and custard.

The Old Cash Store is ideal for affordable family occasions and group outings. The restaurant is very spacious and homely with a fabulous patio area which opens up on warm days.

For bookings, contact The Old Cash Store on 083 6111 355 or visit 279 Sardinia Bay Road, just outside of Port Elizabeth.