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Country wide blackout statement untrue

By Charl Bosch - Feb 11, 2015
Country wide blackout statement untrue

A statement claiming that embattled national power supplier Eskom had informed government that the national grid could crash and plunge the country into mass darkness for over two weeks, has been described as a joke.

Speaking in a statement, Acting Director-General of the Department of Communication, Donald Liphoko, said that the hoax statement was meant to “to create unnecessary panic” and that the state-owned parastatal “is the only source of information on issues relating to electricity”.

“Load shedding is a controlled and planned method to ensure that the power system is protected from a total blackout,” said Liphoko.

“While it is important to consider all scenarios as part of planning, the national power grid is stringently managed so that we prevent any worst-case scenarios from taking place”.

He also added that government remains “committed to finding a long-lasting solution to address the current energy situation” and that communication with the public relating to Eskom’s power status, would continue.

In a series of tweets, the power supplier stated that the system remains strained with a medium to high chance of load-shedding for Wednesday.