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Courtenay Street upgrade Phase 2 due to start in September: George Municipality

Aug 28, 2018
Courtenay Street upgrade Phase 2 due to start in September: George Municipality

The George Municipality says Phase 2 of the rehabilitation of the portion of Courtenay Street, located between First Street and the York Street circle, is due to start mid-September.

"This part of the project will see a premix wearing course placed over all four lanes as well as the turning lanes," described George Municipality spokesperson, Chantel Edwards-Klose.

"The project is scheduled to run from mid-September to the end of October and will have an impact on traffic in the interim,  however the improved road surface on this busy road will no doubt be appreciated on completion."

She said that one lane will always remain open to traffic and the work on the closed off lane will be handled in sections. The intersections of Wellington/Cradock/Courtenay and Mitchell/Courtenay will not be closed to traffic.

Edwards-Klose added that all other intersections will be closed to traffic from 08:30 each working day, Monday to Friday.

"No site access point and/or intersection will be closed for more than ± 2 hours 30 minutes at any one time.

"The seal on the intersections of Wellington/Cradock/Courtenay and Mitchell/Courtenay will be placed after all four lanes have been completed and will be done during the evening to minimise impact on traffic," she further said.

"Motorists are requested to take extreme care during this period, particularly at right turning slip lanes, noting that permanent road markings will NOT be in place during this period. 

"Temporary road markings (white dots) will direct traffic until the permanent road markings are applied 2 weeks after the completion of the premix wearing course."

Edwards-Klose added that there will be a 30mm road surface difference between completed lanes and the existing lanes. 

"All motorists must take care when changing lanes, especially in wet conditions when new and existing surfaces could present different braking / skid resistances.  Low profile vehicles,motorcyclists and cyclists must take extra care."

Affected GO GEORGE bus stops along Courtenay Street will be temporarily closed.  GO GEORGE commuters are requested to make use of alternative bus stops, closest to their original stops.

For any project enquiries please contact Uhambiso – 044 874 2380. George Municipality thanks the motorists and public of George for their patience during this project.