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Cradock woman busted with 134kg of dagga

Aug 11, 2016
Cradock woman busted with 134kg of dagga

Police in Cradock on Wednesday arrested a 32 year-old female suspect for possession of 37 compressed bags of dagga, weighing 134.10kg worth an estimated R268 200.

She is expected to appear in court soon facing drug related charges.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated case, members of Peka Ports Of Entry arrested four male suspects - two Lesotho citizen and two South Africans, for abalone possession and bribery.

According to Free State police, the two men from South Africa arrived when officers were conducting a search of their vehicle.

"During the search 1,75 kg abalones with the street value of more than R8 000 and ten 750ml bottles of illegal alcohol wrapped inside babies nappies were found.

"Two Lesotho citizens arrived at the border and tried to bribe the members with R10 000 for the release of the suspects arrested earlier," police said.

"Members refused to accept the bribe and arrested the two men. All four men will appear in court soon."