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Creative Concrete: PPC Imaginarium exhibition comes to Nelson Mandela University

By Liesl Silverman - Aug 23, 2018
Creative Concrete: PPC Imaginarium exhibition comes to Nelson Mandela University

Creative and dynamic concrete designs were revealed on Wednesday evening, at the PPC Imaginarium travelling exhibition, hosted by the Nelson Mandela University’s Bird Street gallery.

The PPC Imaginarium Awards showcases up-and-coming artists who create amazing art and design pieces using concrete as their medium.

The exhibition, which will run until the 12th of September, features all the finalist’s art pieces as well as the winner of the competition’s work. 

The competition took place over 2017/2018 and the winners and runners-up were announced earlier this year. Since then the exhibition had travelled to five different locations.

The first stop was the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Art Gallery, where the national judges chose the winners and runners-up; thereafter the works travelled to Cape Town to exhibit at the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, to Newtown’s RMB Turbine Art Fair , the 100% Design South Africa in Midrand and now finally Nelson Mandela University.

The PPC Imaginarium 2018 Awards has concluded its tour here in Port Elizabeth and visitors to the university’s Bird Street Gallery can view concrete masterpieces by a number of top local creatives chosen as finalists.

The exhibition showcases creative designs across all categories, including- film, fashion, sculpture, jewellery, architecture and industrial design.

Overall winner Chris Soal’s piece, made from metal wire and concrete called “Imposed Structure Deflated”, speaks to the realities of growing up in a city environment, where soccer is played in the streets, on concrete and tar. The work is a commentary on how South Africans became deflated after the Soccer World Cup, as expensive stadiums stand empty and unused.

Director of the PPC Imaginarium, Daniel van der Merwe, said, “We are thrilled to see our finalists’ work on display in Port Elizabeth, where they can educate and inspire students in the visual arts”.

“Concrete is a versatile material, people who don’t have access to expensive materials can use cement as a contemporary material to create. I also believe art and the creative industry can grow the economy in SA,” he added.

Curator of the PPC Imaginarium Awards, Stephen Hobbs, said “The awards provide a platform for emerging South African talent, attracting designers and artists that have just come out of art school or University”.

“PPC channels money into the arts and also runs open workshops for artists in the community, educating them on how to use cement as an artistic medium”.

“We are very pleased to be exhibiting in Port Elizabeth, a city which is interested in urban regeneration, concerned with connectivity and integrating the arts into the current landscape”.

The overall winner receives a prize of R100,000, while the finalists each win R50,000. As well as the handsome cash prize, entrants gain mentorships with leaders in the arts and design industries, public exposure and much more.

To view dynamic and stimulating art and design pieces, don’t miss this exhibition which runs from the 23rd of Aug to the 12th of September at the NMU Bird Street Gallery.

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