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Crime blitz targets areas under the Motherwell SAPS Cluster

Nov 16, 2018
Crime blitz targets areas under the Motherwell SAPS Cluster

A multi-faceted crime prevention operation under the banner of Operation Fiela 2 was conducted on Thursday in the Motherwell SAPS Cluster at Kwazakele, Zwide and Kwadwesi, Port Elizabeth.

"The SAPS were joined by the Nelson Mandela Metro Police, Fire Department, Electicity Department as well as Transnet and SAPS Stock Theft Unit," described police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge.

"The focus of the operation were the legal compliances of taverns, spaza shops and second hand goods traders."

He said that during the operation, 298 cellphone sim cards were confiscated at a shop in Kwazakele.

"The sim cards were illegally pre-registered already with RICA," Capt Beetge said.

"Another R2 000 worth of expired perishable goods (cooldrink, milk, and yoghurts) were confiscated from the same shop."

He also said that one unlicensed tavern was also fined and about R2 000 worth of beer were confiscated.

"In Kwadwesi, another tavern was closed and the electricity supply cut to it by the Electicity Department as there were no supply box present.

"The tavern was also closed by the Fire Department as the structure of the tavern was not in line with the building plans of the property," Capt Beetged.

"A neighbouring house and another shop also had their electicity supplies cut due to illegal connections that were identified. These now also face additional fines from the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality."

Motherwell SAPS Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie, has applauded the outcome of the operation.

"We will not tolerate businesses operating while not complying with legislation and certification. Where illegal activities are identified such businesses will be ordered to close their doors (which may include extra penalties and fines) until compliance is adhered to."

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