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CRIME STATS HIGHLIGHTS: Eastern Cape records SA's highest increase in murders

Sep 2, 2016
CRIME STATS HIGHLIGHTS: Eastern Cape records SA's highest increase in murders

According to the 2015/2016 Annual Crime Statistics released by the Nkosinathi Nhleko, on Friday before Parliament’s Police Portfolio Committee, the Eastern Cape recorded the highest increase in the number of murders - 3,649 murders recorded for 2015-16 representing a 9.9% increase.

Nationally the number of murders increased by 4.9% and the only province to show a decrease in the murder rate was the Northern Cape, with a drop of 9.9%. 

Gauteng, which many people believe is the murder and crime capital of South Africa, recorded a 4.7% increase after 3842 murders were reported to police.

While 1.7 million charges were laid in 2015/16 for reported crimes (83%); 65.9% of community reported crimes are contact related or property related. Community reported crimes decreased by more than 9% since 2006.

Other updates

Minister Nhleko said that contact crimes (Murder, sexual offences, attempted murder, assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, common assault, etc.) increased by 1% in current financial year, over 10 years 14% decrease.

  • Common assault up 2% in current year.
  • Sexual offences decreasing sharply since 2013/14, down 3.2% in past year.
  • Attempted murder up 3.4% compared to previous year.
  • Assault GBH [grievous bodily harm] up 0.2% over previous year.
  • The three crimes of carjacking, residential robbery, non-residential robbery up 0.3%.
  • Common robbery down 1.5%.
  • The rate of increase for robbery with aggravating circumstances is said to be slowing.
  • Docket analysis shows for murder, for example, multiple murders in one scenario can be found in a single case of domestic violence.
  • 95% of contact crime happen in shebeens or bars.
  • Robbery with aggravating circumstances up 2.7%.
  • Arson down 4.4%.
  • Contact related crimes down 0.6%.
  • Bank robberies down 64.7%.
  • Cash in transit robberies up 15.1%.
  • Truck hijacking turned around – decrease of 7.4%.
  • Robbery at non-residential up 2.8%.
  • Robbery at residential up 19.3% in Western Cape province.
  • Robbery at residential up 2.7%.
  • Carjacking up 14.3%.


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