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Currently, 25% of residents have shown commitment to forming the Central SRA

Apr 20, 2017
Currently, 25% of residents have shown commitment to forming the Central SRA

There has been "some uphill climbing" but the process of forming the Central Special Rating Area (SRA), in Central, Port Elizabeth, is making some good progress.

"Currently, 25% of residents have shown their commitment by means of logging their consent on the website," described Blanche Clements, Central SRA Administrator, in a statement to residents. 

"It seems to be a rather daunting task to get hold of the correct contact details for property owner seeing as it is a rather private piece of information."

Clements said that Central property owners need to stand together now in order for the future of Central to look brighter.

"In order for the Central SRA to be established, we need a majority vote in favour from the property owners of Central. Thus, [residents'] support and ultimately [their] consent to the formation of this SRA plays an integral part in this process," she added.

"If possible, we would like to meet with [residents] to discuss our ideas and the benefits for Lion Roars. I’m sure you will agree that Central is a beautiful historic area desperately in need of upliftment."

Clements said that if residents were to wait for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to do what they require, they will wait for an indefinite period of time.

"The Municipality will always maintain that 80% of the revenue received from rates will be spent in areas that are in need of basic services such as running water, toilets etc," she described.

"Therefore we need to ask, what does the municipality spend on us?

"Is this fair? Yes and No. We agree that the poverty stricken areas need more attention and finances than the rest of the city, but does that make us less worthy of services to the value of what we put into the system? Unfortunately, we have to accept it or file a class action against Local Government? If it was only that simple.

"Should we, as a community, go that route, we will basically be fighting them with our own tax money. In other words, the Municipality will use our money to fight their case in court." 

Clements said that they are trying to find solutions to Central's problems and it makes sense that residents do it themselves.

"Active citizenry.  A community run area... we get to say what happens to the money we spend on this service. We know exactly what we want done in our area. We have powerful, influential, experienced members in our community that are very capable of running this non-profit organization," she described.

"The final Board of Directors will be elected by the property owners of Central you have the power to effect change.

"If you are a tenant in the property that you reside in, encourage your landlord to sign up. Everybody will benefit....property values will increase in time and tenants will feel safer."

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