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DA accused of using water crisis as a 'weapon of mass distraction'

Feb 8, 2018
DA accused of using water crisis as a 'weapon of mass distraction'

A former Executive Mayor of the Kannaland Municipality, which is located within the Eden District Municipality in the Western Cape, has lambasted the Democratic Alliance (DA) for what he said was the politicisation of the water crisis facing the area, which has also been caught in the drought affecting the Eastern, Northern and Western Cape provinces.

"I remain confounded and disconcerted at the long record of mismanagement brought to a critical challenge since early 2017, and increasing fracas among local, provincial and national governments since December last year, over the Cape Town water crisis, and the national water crisis," said Alderman Jeffrey Donson, a Councillor in the Kannaland Municipality.

"Kannaland Municipality, in early 2015 already, had been not only threatened by near absent rainfall, but also largely abandoned by the Western Cape DA Government – for blatant political positioning – in managing its own water crisis.

"More times than I can recall pleadings to be declared a disaster area for the unlocking of funding had been denied.

"Money, pledged by the Eden DA District Government, was never received, even after very many requests and demands that the undertakings be fulfilled.

"Kannaland had been treated with contempt!"

Alderman Donson said that to this very day, the DA "is shamelessly using water as a weapon of mass distraction in its self-serving political agenda!"

"Day Zero! Agriculture wielding power over water usage! In Kannaland farm dams are full; the towns, the people have water anxiety!

"On 13 March 2015, I wrote the Department of Water and Sanitation, 'At this time the prime source dams are dry – completely depleted. Kannaland has water for some five days only'." he said.

"The Kannaland ANC and Icosa Coalition Government was left to its own resources. We had left FIVE DAYS ONLY of water…

"On 27 March, 14 days after my desperate plea to the DWS, by the efforts of my small local coalition administration, I had been able to inform concerned ratepayers and residents and government departments, 'My team and I have dealt with and resolved the current water crisis, and we have determined tactical plans to implement our strategy for sustainable water security'."

Alderman Donson added that the current 'Water Crisis' is the direct result of criminally poor water management.

"The water crisis is not the result of drought, the water crisis is the result of flout – flouting elementary observation, recording, evaluation, and reporting basics, and ignoring scientific warning over decades of impending threat! The water crisis is the result of depraved indifference by politicians engulfed by party politics, in pursuit of political position, and living in fear of prosecution," he added.

"The small local government, Kannaland, governed at the time by an ANC and Icosa Coalition, solved its water crisis by immediate, effective and efficient action – delivery by tactical implementation of quick strategic planning.

"This is local government: the delivery of basic services. The ANC and Icosa Coalition did just that, in 2015; where the DA, in Cape Town and the Western Cape, and in Nelson Mandela Bay, is failing desperately and embarrassingly.

"Incredibly, the water security my coalition government established for Kannaland in 2015, is today under threat by the blundering current DA-led government! Gone is the R330 million dam negotiated by the ANC and Icosa Coalition!

"Gone is the waste water works negotiated by the ANC and Icosa Coalition! Gone is the bulk water infrastructure negotiated by the ANC and Icosa Coalition! The DA has failed. The DA is failing. It is time to identify the making of the water crisis that should never have been: The DA."