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DA accuses Buffalo City Metro of 'dodging questions' on its proposal to close the East London zoo

Mar 29, 2019
DA accuses Buffalo City Metro of 'dodging questions' on its proposal to close the East London zoo

DA says animals have to languish under inhumane conditions at East London Zoo 

East London - The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Buffalo City Municipality on Thursday said that it is outraged at the handling of its Notice of Motion to close the East London Zoo, as well as questions tabled about the zoo at Wednesday's Buffalo City Municipality council meeting.

At the beginning of the month, the party said that the outrage of citizens at the conditions of animals at the East London Zoo cannot be ignored.

It added its voice to groups demanding the closure or upgrading of the East London Zoo.

"The motion and questions were tabled at last month’s council meeting and the minutes record that a report was to have been tabled on Wednesday," said Annette Rademeyer, a DA Cllr in the Buffalo City Metro Municipality.

"This was not done. No attempt was made to discuss the motion or provide answers to the questions.

"I demanded a copy of the report as promised, but the Speaker kept dodging the issue."

Rademeyer said that the motion and the questions have now been deferred to the May 2019 council meeting.

"The zoo has attracted a huge amount of negative publicity and I have been asking questions about this facility since 2013," she added.

"The animals that are imprisoned in this facility have to languish under inhumane conditions with no positive changes made to their living conditions and no tangible environmental enrichment provided to them.

"These animals are not furniture, and decisions which are in their best interests need to be taken now."

DA claims to be the only party concerned about the ethical treatment of animals

Rademeyer outlined what she said is the DA has a policy concerning animals:

1. The acceptance of non-human animals as sentient beings, which are able to feel the same pain and emotions as humans.
2. The recognition of basic universal freedoms for non-human animals:

• Freedom from hunger or thirst;
• Freedom from discomfort
• Freedom from pain, injury or disease
• Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour
• Freedom from fear and distress

"We are the only party in Buffalo City that is standing up against the ill-treatment that is occurring at the East London Zoo."

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