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DA and ANC win a Ward each in Wednesday's by-elections

Aug 10, 2018
DA and ANC win a Ward each in Wednesday's by-elections

The African National Congress(ANC) in the Eastern Cape says it welcomes the results of the by-elections, which were held on Wednesday.

The by-elections were held in two wards in the Province, Ward 3 at Walter Sisulu Sub Region in Joe Gqabi Region and Ward 29 at Mbhashe Sub- Region, Amathole Region.

"Our people once again reaffirmed their confidence in the African National Congress by voting our movement into power in one (1) of the contested wards," said ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary, Lulama Ngcukayitobi.

"We are convinced that the ward we lost at Walter Sisulu Sub Region, Joe Gqabi Region with time we will be able to reverse the loss. We’re still prepared to work together with our people of Ward 3 to correct that which they see as inadequate on our part.

"These results are once again a confirmation that the ANC remains the people's movement. It is the ANC that is most suitable to lead and work together with the people of this country towards a prosperous South Africa wherein poverty, unemployment and inequality will be meaningfully addressed. We thank our communities for the show of confidence in the ANC and it's leadership."

Ngcukayitobi said that they equally wish the newly elected councillor of Ward 29 at Mbhashe success, knowing that his duty is to serve and put the people of Mbhashe at the centre of our project of radical socio-economic transformation.

"The ANC thanks all those who went to cast their vote, irrespective of the party they voted for. The regular elections held in our country are an affirmation that our democracy is alive and well as a practical expression of our commitment to the Freedom Charter demand that the people shall govern."

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said that it achieved a significant success and grew from 39.94% in 2016 to 50.74% in the by-election in the ward 3 by-election in Walter Sisulu Local Municipality.

"This highlights the DA’s growth in rural Eastern Cape and underlines the fact that the people of the province are placing their trust in the DA," said DA Eastern Cape leader, Nqaba Bhanga.

"The DA is pleased with the result, which saw the party take the ward from the African National Congress (ANC). This is a testament to the fact that the people of the province have had enough of the uncaring, ineffective and corrupt ANC style of governance.

"Our growth in this ward and the ANC's significant drop in support, from 53.26% to 38.5%, shows that the people are embracing the DA’s agenda for change and realise that only the DA can change their lives for the better, through building One South Africa for All."

Bhanga said that the residents of Walter Sisulu loudly voiced that they want the change that only a DA government can bring.

"Where the DA governs, we prioritise better service delivery, orderly and safe communities and greater access to opportunities," he added.

"Come the 2019 national elections, the DA will remove the ANC from power in South Africa and the Eastern Cape to ensure a better future for all."