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DA billboards blame Zuma for rising unemployment

JANUARY 7, 2016
DA billboards blame Zuma for rising unemployment

The Democratic Alliance unveiled two billboards in central Johannesburg on Thursday in which the party calls for a change in leadership to create jobs.

One of the two billboards has the words "More people jobless under Zuma’s ANC and counting..." on a yellow background, above a photo of a smiling President Jacob Zuma.

Speaking at the unveiling of the billboards, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said they had a live ticker of the number of unemployed people in the country. It would start at 1 842 852 unemployed people and add one more every 112 seconds, to indicates the 774 people who, according to the DA, became jobless every 24 hours under Zuma’s ANC government.

The second billboard, next to the first one, reads: "Vote DA for change that creates jobs." The billboards were unveiled on the corner of Jeppe and Sauer streets.

Maimane said since Zuma had come to power, over 1.8 million South Africans had become unemployed.

"That means that every day President Zuma remains in office, as he and his uncaring government preside over an ever-worsening economic crisis, 774 more people join the ranks of the jobless. Every day," Maimane said.

He said 8.4 million South Africans were unemployed. The billboards were intended as a reminder of a government that put its own interests above those of the country it had been elected to lead, he said.

IMAGE from @Our_DA on twitter