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DA brings out Zille to woo Bay youths ahead of crucial 2016 Municipal Elections

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 28, 2016
DA brings out Zille to woo Bay youths ahead of crucial 2016 Municipal Elections

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader, Helen Zille, on Wednesday visited the Nelson Mandela Bay to garner support for her party ahead of the 2016 Local Government Elections on Wednesday next week. The DA is hoping to unseat the ANC in the Bay, which observers say is among the hotly contested constituencies in this election.

Addressing mostly students from the DA Students Organisation (DASO), who gathered at the Westbourne Oval in Port Elizabeth, Zille said a DA-run Nelson Mandela Bay will deliver on job creation and ensure better funding for students.

“And so the difference between a blue vote and a yellow vote, is a difference between a growing economy that creates jobs and an economy that keeps going backwards,” she added.

“People understand that this election is as important to our democracy as that crucial election was in 1994, and no one understands that better than our young people.”

Zille said that the tragedy in South Africa is that there are many skilled jobs, but not many skilled people to do them – hence, the rising rate of unemployment.

“And so what must come in-between is good education; and that is why we support the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), and we want to extend it so that you can get the money you need,” she said.

Zille thus urged the students to elect the DA in the coming election.

“Your choice is crucial in shaping your own future; a yellow government takes you a step backwards every day, as you’ve had a lot of proof in Nelson Mandela Bay. A blue government takes you forward a step every day,” she said.

 “So when you vote, you need to understand that it is not between black and white. It is between blue, and yellow and red. The ANC is desperate because the polls say that the blue people are leading in Nelson Mandela Bay, and we are leading, we are going to win Nelson Mandela Bay.”

DASO leader, Yusuf Cassim, who also addressed the rally, said the DA was the only party with a plan for job creation and better education for the youth of Nelson Mandela Bay – adding that the youth cannot be excluded from decisions being made when it comes to education.

“We have taken this message to students all over the Metro. It is an offer of jobs, it is an offer of stopping corruption, an offer of better services, an offer of change,” he said, adding; “We are here today because we know that we cannot go another five years with a government that has not done anything for our students. We are here today because whilst our students are being excluded, do not have proper transport to get to campus, are not safe, we have a government that for the last five years, and before that, have not ever understood those issues, let alone done anything about it.”

Speaking at the same event Nelson Mandela Bay Mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip, said the DA’s leadership is committed to building a better South Africa for all.

“Helen Zille used to tell us that this Party must be a Party about R2D2, Reconciliation, Redress, Delivery and Diversity,” Trollip described.

He added that the DA’s “political opponents in the ANC, not even across Party lines, are killing each other” in reference to the slaying of ANC councillor candidate for Walmer, Nceba Dywili, by unknown gunmen in Zwide on Tuesday night.

Trollip further said that “youth unemployment in this city is 47%; every second one of you will not get a job when you graduate under a DA and ANC government. But under a DA government your chances of getting a job go up dramatically”.

“We are going to raise a blue flag in this city, and when we raise a blue flag in this city it’s going to be the end of Jacob Zuma. Because when the ANC leaves Nelson Mandela Bay, it’s the end of Jacob Zuma.”