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DA calls for reconciliation

By Charl Bosch - Apr 10, 2015
DA calls for reconciliation

Democratic Alliance (DA) Parliamentary Leader, Mmusi Maimane, has the described the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) attack on colonial and Apartheid era statues as “embarrassing” and that Parliament needs to have an agenda which focuses “on transforming society”

“As political parties represented in Parliament, we have a sacred duty to ensure that this institution plays a central role in the transformation of South Africa,” he said in statement on the party’s website.

“The preamble of our Constitution states that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white. We must make this a reality in our country in a substantive way”.

Maimane stated that the country’s history cannot be erased and that the party will call for a debate on the role symbols play in transformation.

“Reconciliation cannot happen without transformation. But equally, cowardly defacing a statue outside Parliament will never serve the cause of true transformation either”.

He also accused the ruling the ANC of failing to advance transformation since the advent of democracy, saying that the defacing of monuments “is a total distraction from the heart of the issue”.

“Poverty and inequality remain with us 21 years after Apartheid because of the ANC’s failure to transform South Africa. That is the real scandal in our country. Why have they failed? It is because the priority of those in power today is self-enrichment.

“In the process the ANC has failed to build a capable state, provide transformative leadership, and activate citizens by working with them to expand opportunity to more South Africans,” he said, adding that the “challenge is to build this heritage into a vision for an inclusive future in South Africa”.