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DA calls on Buffalo City Municipality to act swiftly on AG's recommendations

OCTOBER 12, 2016
DA calls on Buffalo City Municipality to act swiftly on AG's recommendations

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality on Wednesday said that the municipality should act swiftly in implementing the recommendations of the Auditor General on the municipality's 2015/2016 audit.

"These 'human errors' that were stated, have cost the metro millions in wasted funds, which could have been used to fund other projects to ensure better service delivery," said the DA's Chantel King, MP for Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

The Auditor General’s findings were as follows:

  • Irregular expenditure for the 2015/16 financial year is at R199 million, although a slight downward trend, it is still too high.
  • BCMM continues to incur irregular expenditure and is not dealing with the identified irregular expenditure.
  • Unauthorised expenditure for the 2015/16 financial year amounts to R22 million.
  • Increased deviations are a major cause of unauthorised expenditure, which is due to a lack of planning and alignment between directorates.
  • Inability to collect billed revenue.
  • Depreciation and impairment cost being above budgeted amounts.
  • Ineffective and inefficiency at Supply Chain Management (SCM) lead to uncompetitive or unfair procurement processes, inadequate contract management, inefficient record keeping and lack of adequate systems in place.

King said that the DA notes with concern the findings of the AG and ask for:

  • An internal investigation into the SCM department.
  • Open the tender processes to ensure transparency.
  • E-procurement and Electronic Data Management Systems (EDMS) to be implemented and continuously monitored.
  • A skills audit of employees to ensure a proper alignment of the organogram.
  • Proper performance management systems for employees.
  • Consequence Management policy to be in place, which must be communicated to unions and employees.
  • Internal task team(s) set up to deal with contract and project management.

"The finance portfolio head needs to be experienced and knowledgeable in finances to ensure that municipal officials report accurately on financial matters in the Metro," she said.

"The DA calls on the Municipal Manager and the Executive Mayor to respond to the findings of the AG to ensure an accountable and a financially sound Metro."